Merry Christmas

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I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I’m sitting here under my warn blanket listening to the wind howling outside blowing the snow of our first snow storm of the season. Did you ever considered if everyone had a very Merry Christmas and what that truly would mean? Merry to be joyous, Christmas is Christ mass.

It doesn’t mean pushing your way through crowds in the department store to get the latest electronic gizmo maxing out your credit card, stuffing your face with as much food as possible as you sit in front of the television yelling that the ref needs glasses because you do not agree with the call played, buying the most expensive gift to be though better than your sibling in the eyes of your parent. Instead, it means remembering whose birthday we are celebrating, to give a gift with love, to help those who do not have or able to repay your kindness, to enjoy the laughter of a child, being full of joy as you have a snow ball fight with your husband, to love, appreciate, care for, everyone in the world no matter what their religious background.

Pray for everyone that they accept the most precious gift that was ever given, Christ. Be joyous throughout the upcoming year and don’t worry when the world is coming to an end. There is no amount of worry or preparation that will do you any good when it happens. When it happens we will all be in line in front of the Great Throne of God and the only thing that helps is being a adopted child of God through the gift of salvation through Christ’s death and Resurrection.

So remember, have a very Merry Christmas.


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