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I been procrastinating on writing lately. I have read six novels and given them a review and did several book signing that I gave out business cards and advice, meeting new authors on their writing journey. I spent the day baking for a Church event that was cancelled unknown to me. That means more goodies for me and children’s Church. Need to get some income coming in so I can get the cover for the fifth novel in my series. Hmmm, come on Tooth Faery on the back turn. Tooth Faery coming up on the outside gaining on Unicorn as Tooth Faery passes Gnome riding Flying Gnat. Now on the home stretch it’s Tooth Faery and Unicorn neck and neck, Unicorn and Tooth Faery, Tooth Faery and Unicorn coming down to the wire. OH NO! Tooth Faery is blown away as Unicorn farts at the wire. I don’t know but they should call a foul on Unicorn. Shucks! guess I have to work harder to raise the money and next time put more laxative in Unicorn’s hay.


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