Christmas Dinner Menu

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Chili N’ Cheese spirals

Salmon and Pesto spread w/ crackers

Ribbon wrapped meatballs

Deviled eggs

Dilled hummus w/ vegetables

Cranberry goat cheese, pickles, olives

Main Dishes:

Grilled Turkey

Baked Ham

Side Dishes:

Mashed Potatoes w/ gravy

Cranberry sauce

Pea Salad

Green bean casserole




Impossible pie

Sweet potato pie

Double layer pumpkin pie

Jelly Babies


Cranberry bread

Cookies and Candy




Crockpot Cocoa w/ Candy cane Stirrers


One thought on “Christmas Dinner Menu

    dasray responded:
    December 26, 2014 at 5:56 am

    It’s 11:30pm Christmas night and the house is now quiet except for being filled with gentle snores coming from different levels of the house. It is wonderful to have my granddaughter staying with us for a couple of days. I want to keep her as all too soon she will be an adult and busy forging a new life on her own. As life flies by we need to remember to give our Children a firm foundation to build their life on and be there when they need a steady hand when life throws them a curve ball. Keep an eye on them sharing their joy of their accomplishments and even though it will be tough allow them to fail every once and a while. This builds strength to do what’s correct and be able to share their faith and the Lord’s love without fear of what the world thinks about it. May the Lord richly shower you with His blessing this coming year.

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