New Year

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Here I am in the mist of the new year trying to juggle all the different things crying out for my time and attention. These are just a few: tweeter, blog, emails. Face Book page, up coming book signing events registrations, publicity for new novel coming out, cover for the new novel, meetings for writers group, searching out info for online book tour, writing book launch info, press release for new novel, research for writing, writing plus daily life and the list goes on and on. All these things are important for an author to be successful. I just need to remember to put time in my list to be quiet and glean from God’s Word on what He wants from me. What he wants is a relationship with me. He want me to remember Him and rely on Him throughout my daily life and then share His love with others who He brings in contact with me in my own little corner of this chaotic world. He wants me to enjoy His creation and love those special people in my life as He does you. So, take a few minutes and appreciate the beauty around you. He has placed beauty even in the most horrible living conditions all you have to do is search with eyes open as you try to help relieve some of the pain in the world and as so many children in these conditions knows it starts with a smile then your hands and feet. For we are His hands and feet to this world. We need to serve Him through serving others with whatever God has laid on your heart to fulfill. Pray for guidance as you live your life to the fullest.


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