Blogging Rant

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You would think that once you have your blog set up the way you want it would stay the same. You can imagine my surprise the other day went I came to the blog and half of the items that were to be on the first page was gone again. I  am so frustrated right now. My publicist laughs at how computer illiterate I truly am. My answer to such problems is to want to pick the thing up and throw it through the nearest window which I can not do because, one the computer is not mine and two I do not have the money to replace the window. GRRRRR! I now have to wait until he can find the time in his busy schedule to look at the blog to see what happen and fix it or try to show me again how to fix it. And I was contemplating starting interviewing authors on my blog, right what was I thinking???? Well my rant is over.

Edit: Hi! Publicist here. Everything’s fixed.


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