The Legend Begins: A Beary Maxumus Adventure (Paperback)

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Charles and Irene does a great job of bringing the live of Beary Maxumus to the reading audience. The main characters of this Sci-Fi are bears in space. Their ancestral planetary system had been razored by space locust the ‘Arcrilians’ a thousand years ago as they spread from one system to another leaving stripped barren planets in their wake. Now the Bearilians and Antileans have join together in a Federation to stop the Arcilains from continuing their assault on the solar systems. Cadet Beary Maxumus along with the other new cadets are assigned to the space destroyer ‘BAF Saber Claw’ only this cadet has lots of secrets in his short eighteen year past, Once on the ship the first of his secret past is revealed as he stops a core melt down of the Vallen/ Maxumus CX engine from sabotage with codes no cadet should have. It is soon learned this is no ordinary cadet. Beary designed the engine at the tender age of fourteen. He is the prodigy son of Senator Octavious and Doctor Angelina Maxumus who had his PHD in Astrophysics at thirteen, became a special opts Marine at sixteen receiving the Bearilian Star award for saving a team of Marines that was captured. Now Beary is on the Saber Claw to learn how to be a fighter pilot. He is assigned to the ‘Crimson Blade’ jump ship as pilot along with Marine Cadet Ben Maritinus, Cadet Dr.Caesar Vantanus, and Gunnery .Ensign Savato Artemus. This young team helps lead the way to try and rid the systems of advancing hord of Arcrilians in their Hive ships.

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