Review of The Air of Deception by D.K. Amsdem

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Book two of the Danny Berry series ‘The Air of Deception’ opens with now eighteen year old Danny chatting with his two dogs Teddy Mae and Ike about his life. Danny is not the normal eighteen year old young man. He has been on his own for several years thanks to an inheritance he received from his friend Paul Swanson including lake property. With the help of Bill Swanson, Danny has acquired property in Bemidji and Crow County along with other investments. Green Beret, Colonel Raymond Stone has trained Danny since he was eight in hand to hand combat and weaponry along with tracking. However, Danny prefers the wildness and privacy over living high on the hog.

Now at eighteen, things are moving faster than Danny would like as his hormone has made him into a woman magnet. All too soon Danny’s emotions gets twisted as his old flame Evette comes back into his life and his current romantic interest Pam with her little girl Mary Beth are all tugging at his heart strings.

Danny tried to evade the bottled up emotions by buying a pontoon boat for his lake front property in Bemidji. On his way home from the marina, Danny is enjoying the beautiful view on the lake when he is almost plowed under by a Cessna 182 aircraft trying to make an emergency landing on the lake. The plane’s pontoons miss Danny by mere feet. The plane flips over as it crashes into the lake. Danny does not even think twice, he plunges in the water and frees a  boy his age then goes back and recovers the bodies of Paul and Eileen Jefferies.

Soon Danny’s romantic emotions are set on the back burner as he becomes involved in tracking down escapee Roy Detterman in the Pimushe Lake area along with trying to help Ryan Jefferies discover what really happen to his parents. The FAA reports places the deaths as pilot error but things are not adding up as Ryan feels their deaths has to do with his father being owner of Jefferies Oil in Texas.

D.K. Amsdem takes Danny on a adventure across the country along with the turmoil within Danny’s heart. I can hardly wait for the next book in the series of eight to come out.


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