First Ramble Thoughts

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First of all I would like to thank my PR guy, Matthew Davenport for once again coming and fixing my blog for me. Now I have a place I can ramble on about anything that comes along in my head. Do not say I did not warn everyone these are random thoughts coming from a author’s mind. They will be sometimes be strange, other times very deep and other completely off the wall. This Saturday I will help my brother celebrate his daughter’s first birthday which is not unusual in its self. The unusual part is the age difference between my eldest son and his daughter. My son is forty-two and she is just turning one. That is one large age span for one to wrap one’s head around. You ask what is the age different between my brother and my self, only nineteen years. My niece’s siblings’ ages I believe is twenty, eighteen, fifteen, and ten. Someone did not know when to quit. LOL


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