Senior Graduation

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My granddaughter just brought home the booklet of things they want you to buy  the seniors for high school graduation. Now this does not include the cape and gown nor senior pictures. Would you believe it? They are charging over a dollar per piece for the tissue paper that goes in the announcements. Hmmm. Well I guess we are going to be creative with the announcements along with the other items. I and a friend are fair photographers so we took over 200 pictures for her senior pictures. So out of pocket cost this week $60.00 for cape and gown and maybe a pair of sweat pants.  Maybe need to go on a trip to a jewelry store to put a class ring on layaway in the near future because what they offer is ugly.

I feel sorry for the families that do not have even the $60.00 for the cap and gown as they no longer rent the gowns. $60.00 for you child to walk across the platform to receive their diploma is outrageous. Thank the Lord there is some places that exchange for so many hours of community service, the senior can earn their senior pictures. It’s too bad that the well off families do not have to do community service for the same items. Do not get me wrong, I know that there are some well off families that indeed  volunteer in their community. But we ALL could do more.


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