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This year has gone way too fast for Thanksgiving Day is in three days. Everyone is scurrying to get last minute food items that they forgot so they do not have to try to find a store open on Thursday. As we worry about getting that Norman Rockwell picture perfect dinner please say a prayer of thanks for those who chose to serve Thanksgiving Day so that you can enjoy Thanksgiving with your family. I thank the Lord for police officers, fire fighters, EMTs, doctors, nurses, and military that put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. I thank the Lord for care givers at the nursing homes, utility workers that keep the streets clean and the sales clerk who pulls the midnight shift for those shoppers who just can not wait until normal shopping hours for that perfect toy they just got to have and is forgotten within a week after Christmas. I thank the volunteers who forgo their traditional dinner plans and serve the poor at the homeless shelter, those who gather warm clothes for those who has none. And Most of all, I thank the Lord Jesus Christ who paid the penalty for our sins which allows us to become children of  God through salvation in Christ.


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