Time Warping Danger

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Author Dana Roquet does an excellent job of bringing her characters to life in ‘Out of the Past’. She weaves her love of genealogy with historical places as her main character, New York best selling author, Torie Mills buys her ancestral home in Mahaska County, Iowa that was her great-great grandparents, with the intention to retire to a slower pace of the acreage. There she and her investment broker boyfriend, Derek Bonner, can find peace from the rat race.
She hires a renovation contractor, David Cameron, to bring the homestead back to its original glory. David is a ‘shirt tail’ cousin. Armed with albums of family history David and Torie launch into renovations. All too soon, Torie realizes that the relationship she has with Derek is nothing more than a crutch and the feeling blossoming for David is true love.
Once the renovations are done Tori moves in only to find out that each night once she falls to sleep she time warps back into her family’s past. Her first experience Torie lives as her great-great grandmother, Rose Wyman, at her husband, Judson’s funeral. Tori is having a ball learning more facts that her wildest dreams could imagine. She can even change minute events and take pictures of long lost relatives. So David also joins in on the fun although they find their selves in some sticky sexy situations which heightens their enjoyment. Until they warp back to 1959. David is sixteen year old Tim Thompson and Torie is Lisa Walters. Torie realizes they have warped into terrible danger for the summer of 1959 is when the Thompson family is murdered by the deranged father. Can Torie stop this from happening to save David? If killed in the past will it also destroy David in the present


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