Second Chance at Love

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Author Jordyn Meryl explores the possibility of having a second chance  at true love with someone younger than ones self. After a freak accident that takes her husband Shelton, Katie Collins finds herself now a widow. They had married in college and Shelton’s death has left a gaping hole in her heart and life. She decides to be a librarian to fill the emptiness by helping children along with buying a classy gold convertible in an attempt to feel alive. There she befriends a lonely boy, Carlo Alvarez waiting to be picked up by his big brother Enrique.

Enrique is awestruck at the classy librarian helping his little brother. This librarian is nothing like the librarian when he went to high school. He makes sure that he meets this lady that is stirring strong emotions in his heart and soul.

Katie turns to be face to face with a very handsome young man with mischievous chocolate brown eyes. Katie also feel jolts to her emotions from the first meeting stirring to the surface. However, Katie’s mind has other ideas. She makes it plain to Enrique that there can not be anything between them except for friendship as Carlos and he nephew, Lucas, become close friends.

Soon the two brothers are a permanent fixture at Katie’s summer lake front property home at Crystal Lake over the years. Enrique has so many dreams for his life and they include the lovely Katie, however Katie realizes that a everlasting relationship with Enrique cannot be even though her heart and soul has be lost to him. To have Enrique forever would deprive him of his dreams of the future.

Can she sacrifice the love she feels for Enrique so his dreams can come true or should she be selfish and take the love he is freely giving without worrying about the future and what it holds?


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