Thriller full of Intrigue

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I received this novel ‘Ghosts’ by Tess Mc Lennan in exchange for an honest review.

Tess McLennen did a wonderful job keeping the reader guessing as the story opens with the main character Imogene Fuller coming home to Miller Creek to her strained relationship with her mother from a three month photographic stint abroad. She pulls up and cannot believe her eyes. The house and yard is in total disrepair. She enters in the house to find her fifteen year old sister, Clementine, sitting in a pit. Her mother, Marella, has done a complete 180 degrees on her obsessives compulsive disorder of cleanliness.

Once  home, Imogene starts having nightmares about a cult with her mother active member. She wakes to find those terrors  coming trues starting with Marella’s mysterious visit two men. Then comes multitudes of strange soulless people walking down the street then disappearing. Imogene can feel the two strange beings watching her every move.

Marella turns up missing without a trace so Imogene now must put aside her life’s plans to care for Clementine. In spite of a nationwide search they cannot find their mother. Imogene takes a job at a supermarket deli to support Clementine and herself. She meets Henry Bishop and his pregnant sister, Aggie.

Imogene begins to think things are look up just before falling off the cliff into the abyss as Aggie is kidnapped by the religious cult. now they must infiltrate the cult to rescue Aggie before the cult she delivers the baby.

Tess throw in a great twist at the climax  of the story.


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