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People always used to tell me to stop wasting time staring off into space and do something productive. They did not realize that when I was staring off into space I was doing lots of things in my mind. I have traveled down into the depths of the ocean exploring for the lost city of Atlantis, rode many flying carpets, the wind blowing through my hair, over the mountain and down in the deepest valleys to rescue my companions from intimidate danger, walked beside the large golden mane lion that is accompanying Tarzan through the jungles of Africa, rode the fastest steed  through the forest fleeing the arrows of the long bows trying to stop me from rescuing the village from destruction, watched the minute flower bud open revealing new life in the harshest conditions.

I then create what my mind has seen and partaken in artwork, novels, sculpture, crafts so others can take time to relax from the rat race of the world and enjoy what life has to offer through my gifts of sharing my thoughts in words, art, and music.

I do get up off my duffer and partake in the world. I can not walk as fast as my husband nor climb hills without huffing and the need of a walking staff. And many would say rightfully I need to exercise more so I can do more. I do agree to a point with their statements however I do not want to be so busy as not to be able to enjoy the small blessings the Lord showers us with so many of us miss because we are moving too fast to see them.

Remember to love lots, live life, laugh, enjoy the Lord’s blessings in everything we do even work. The Lord gives us strength to do what we must do to survive and take care of the needs of those we love.

Do not give time to hate for it destroys one’s self and corrode relationships around us. At times we must stop evil with violates because it leaves us with no other way to do it. But do not allow it to take over your life and how you view the world. Live as we should by sharing friendship and love instead of hate, distrust, greed and lust.



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