I Will Never Forget

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I won this book in a contest. Elaine C. Pereira writes about caring for her mother, ‘Betty’ Ward’s as she declined into the depths of  dementia. Elaine watched in disbelief as her mother went from a very intelligent woman who taught school to someone that could not do simple addition. This happened in Elaine’s eyes in about a year. Elaine, who works occupational therapy, admits that she wrote off some of the early warning signs as her mother was just too preoccupied with the things around her. This is a common thing that adult children do when dealing with their parents, no matter their educational background. Elaine takes you on a journey back and forth in her life as she tells of her life with her parents and the trauma life brought them. It is also a story of joy and love travelled. Some will find the time line a little hard to follow but if one remembers that when talking to someone about their life this is how it coms out, a memory here and a past memory there. Nothing is really given in a straight line except for fiction and this book definitely is not a work of fiction, I congratulate Elaine for having the courage to open her life and allow us a glimpse of the roll-a-coaster ride of dementia.


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