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Mercedes Fox ~ Author

Meet Author Sue Raymond

Hallo, lovelies! Welcome to Interview FoxSeat with guest author Sue Raymond

Sue Raymond was born and raised in the Midwest along with her siblings. Sue was trained in the Commercial art field before marrying her husband. After raising two sons and having five grandchildren Sue started a new avenue in her life, writing. She is an inspiration author and has eight published novels as she works on four other novels and children stories.

Book Title: Window Pane

Genre: Suspense / mystery

Synopsis:  The rain streaming down the window pane entices her to join it in its run. Why does it have such pull on her soul? Does the rain truly have the answers of her past? Why does no one help her find out why she cannot remember who she is and where this place is that she finds herself? Who is the young female dancing in the rain, which only she can seem to see? Why is there such an allure to join her in the rain? She is lost with only the rain consoling her soul. How can this be real? Why can’t she wake from this nightmare, back to the life she knows is hidden somewhere deep within the recesses of the ever presence darkness at edges of this horrible world?

What have you written? I have published a crime murder mystery series that has five books so far. The titles are ‘The Perfect Witness, Hidden Secrets, Rendezvous with the Past, Death Plummet, and Blizzard Terror’. I have a fantasy with the Pen Name Lady Laindora, ‘Healer of Surflex’. I have a drama, ‘Resin La Rock’, a suspense / mystery ‘Window Pane’ and I am in an anthology ‘Iowa’s Original Writers Anthology 2015’.

If you use a Pen Name why did you choose it? I use the Pen Name Lady Laindora for my fantasy ‘Healer of Surflex’ because it sounded more magical than Sue Raymond.

Do you design your own cover or have someone else? If you use someone else would tell who/website: I decide what the cover should look like then between Matthew Davenport and myself, have it done. Matthew can be found at: davenportwrites.com.

What is the hardest thing about writing your latest book? I am currently writing an urban fantasy ‘Will-O-Wisp’. The hardest thing is that I have to make sure to keep an element of realism since it is an urban fantasy instead of just allowing my imagination run wild.

What made you sit down and actually start something? My family was grown and I decided to write down the stories I had stored up in my mind that had been writing themselves since I was small living on an acreage with my family.

Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured? I usually write late at night after everyone is asleep. I wrote the first three novels of my crime murder mystery series by flashlight with pencil and paper, sitting in bed beside my sleeping husband so I did not wake him.

What is one great lesson you have learned as a writer? It is to allow the characters to write the story with me riding the reins to make sure things are believable so the story flows and does not seem forced.

You mentioned writing a new story. How about a teaser? The fog was a deep gray swirling mass which shrouded the Maid of the Mist 3. Ongwaterohiathe Whitehorse coiled the rope before he stored it in the stern aft locker. He left the pilot tower and headed down the stairs toward the gang plank He was glad this day was finally over If he hurried, Ongwaterohiathe would be in time for the first reading by the Iowa Indie Author Group at the Theater Loft in the heart of Elmwood Village before the play of ‘Because of Me’ by J.C. Hamm.

The clean deck lay empty after being flooded with blue plastic poncho covered bodies as they crowded the railing for the premier spot to capture the special moment on a photograph to commemorate their visit to the falls.

Ongwaterohiathe glanced over at the roaring falls as he was about to leave the ship. The fog blanketed the falls but failed to cover the growl of the falls drumming in his head. He turned to wave goodnight to the pilot when Ongwaterohiathe caught a glimpse of a slim Kanyenkehaha woman at the bow railing.

Her long raven hair darkened by the heavy mist was braided in a waterfall twist into a mermaid braid. His sister had tried for months to master that particular braiding technique without success. The woman turned her head toward Ongwaterohiatha as the mist swallowed her.

Ongwaterohiathe ran back to the bow searching for her. She was nowhere to be seen. He snatched the life preserver as he searched the turbulent water for any sign of her. She appeared thirty feet down river for a mere moment.

Ongwaterohiathe launched over the railing using it for an extra foot boost. As the torrent river closed over his head he heard, “Ongie No! She’s not real!”

Ongwaterohiathe’s temples hammered as he tried to rise. A gentle hand pushed him back down on the pillow as a cool cloth was placed over his broad forehead and eyes Ongie could hear the distant falls roar as it rumbled along. It vibrated all around him. He pulled the cloth off his eyes and focused dimly on the ornate glass dome over him holding back the tumultuous water of the Niagara River.

“No, no it can’t be,” he struggled against the gentle embrace.

“Sh-sh everything is all right. She can’t find you here.”

“Can’t find me, who is she? Last thing I remember, I jumped in the river to rescue a young Kanyenkehaha woman that fell overboard. Is she safe? Did someone rescue her?” Ongie mumbled as his strength depleted and sank once again against the pillow.

“There is no need for concern over that one. She can never die.” The cloth covered his eyes once more.

Ongie woke to the stench of a hospital room. His eyes crossed under the harsh light making hazy shadows of the hospital personal. A shadow glided to the end of his bed. Ongie focused harder as he cleared his throat to gain the shadow’s attention.

“Well Mr. Whitehorse, it is nice to finally meet you. I have been waiting for so long to do so.” Mesa Soyok Wuhti appeared at the foot of the hospital bed. “I do not know how you escaped me at the falls however; there will be no escaping from me here.” She brushed back the long straggling black hair with the jagged edge knife covered with blood. Her wide eyes stared as fangs appeared at the corners of thin lips.

The knife drew back over her head ready to be plunged in Ongie’s neck as Mesa Soyoka climbed over the foot of the bed.

Ongie could not move. His eyes were riveted on the snarled face shining with glee over her apparent victory.

Mesa Soyok Wuhti crawled over his body scratching and clawing the thin cover over Ongie. Her body twitched as she came up his chest. Her foul breath gagged the air out of Ongie’s lungs. She drew herself erect upon Ongie’s chest. The knife held high above her head then it plunged down toward his throat, “Soyoka-u-u-u!”

Would you say there is a stigma to being self-published?  Yes, there is a stigma being indie published by traditional publishers and authors along with readers. The publishers and traditional authors feel that all indie authors’ work is substandard and not worth their time. Some readers think that since the novel is self-published it should be 99 cents or free. What they do not take into consideration is an indie author cannot afford to put out inferior work and expect to have readers come back for future works of the author. The indie author does everything a traditional publisher does to get a novel ready for publishing; the only difference is the indie author pays for everything out of their own pocket. (Okay rant’s over.)

What book are you currently reading or just finished? I just finished reading ‘Finding Freedom, Book One, Zion Series by Brittany Nicole Lewis.

There ya have it folks! For more about Sue and getting your own copy of her work, follow the links below:

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