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Politically Correct, No Way

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I just heard a politically correct advertisement on TV that made me angry. It was not for the environment, standing up against bullying, caring about the starving animals, feed the children, or saving the whales. It was upbeat, pleasing to the eyes, good to eat, they even used a comedian as their spokesman.

“What?” You say,  “Why would you be upset by that?”

The comedian was saying no matter whether you cook or not have a Happy Friendsgiving. Really? Happy Friendsgiving? Apparently, stating Have a Happy Thanksgiving is no loner the correct thing to say. Apparently, being thankful for what the Lord allowed us to have is also taboo. Things like family, our health, even the very air we breathe, should be given praise to friends who had nothing to do with it.

We used to be THANKFUL for friends we have, the people who loves us, the job we have so we can put food on the table and the roof over our heads, for the freedom we have that was fought for by our ancestors, THANKFUL FOR THE GREATEST GIFT given to us, The Lord’s mercy and love.

From Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays, now from Happy Thanksgiving to Happy Friendsgiving. And people wonder why the USA is in the horrible shape it is today? Why people are so selfish? Why people no longer care?

Could it be that they are bombarded with reasoning being self-center, thoughts of what’s in it for me?, thoughts of if it doesn’t profit me I’m not doing it, thoughts of I am the most important person, other people do not matter, my feelings before all others.

I say let’s stand up against this invasion of our freedom of expression. Stand up proudly with me and greet everyone the Lord sends across our path with a very “Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas”. Stand up and be politically incorrect.




Edits, Edits, and More Edits

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I am starting the edit from my second editor on Healer of Surflex. Each of the new editor has found corrections needed. I am so tired of putting in commas and changing words from present tense to past and vice-a-versa. LOL. It really pays to check out the credentials of people who say they are editor and can do your edits. Healer of Surflex is a prime example of what I am talking about.

My hay-wired brain would read the story the way I wanted to say and not the way I wrote it down. So I had it edited, then published it. Now I have to go back and re-do it because of the poor editing. I have only myself to blame.

With the help of Lynn Daugherty and Lynda Knapp Healer of Surflex should be polished to near perfection.

Rewrite of Healer of Surflex

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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00009]

I am re-editing my fantasy ‘Healer of Surflex’. My second editor is done with edits of Healer and I wanted to share a little of the email she sent with it. :

I kind of feel sad that I have finished with Healer. The characters have all become “part of my family” and I have enjoyed getting to know them better and better as I edited the book. I know that I said earlier how I felt that there maybe should have been a little bit more (sort of a closure between Kerlia and Terian), but now I feel that Healer of Surflex ended just as it should have.

You asked before if there was any part that I did not like or that did not go with the story, I will say that there were a few places where I thought that a word or part of a sentence wasn’t necessary to “grow” the story, but they didn’t/don’t stand out enough for me to have commented on them during the editing process. The only way I would even mention them, is if you were to say that you had to “limit” the number of words, pages, chapters, etc. in order to publish the book.

I must say, however, that I think that Healer is amazing. You definitely have a talent for “making up stories” – all of the details and all of the conversations between characters. All I can say is, WOW! I also have to say that the pictures that come to mind when reading certain passages are so very clear in each and every detail. Your book had me laughing out loud sometimes, and had me being sad with tears in my eyes at other times. I wanted to reach through the computer and give you a fist bump, high five, or just say “way to go, Sue” many times.


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People always used to tell me to stop wasting time staring off into space and do something productive. They did not realize that when I was staring off into space I was doing lots of things in my mind. I have traveled down into the depths of the ocean exploring for the lost city of Atlantis, rode many flying carpets, the wind blowing through my hair, over the mountain and down in the deepest valleys to rescue my companions from intimidate danger, walked beside the large golden mane lion that is accompanying Tarzan through the jungles of Africa, rode the fastest steed  through the forest fleeing the arrows of the long bows trying to stop me from rescuing the village from destruction, watched the minute flower bud open revealing new life in the harshest conditions.

I then create what my mind has seen and partaken in artwork, novels, sculpture, crafts so others can take time to relax from the rat race of the world and enjoy what life has to offer through my gifts of sharing my thoughts in words, art, and music.

I do get up off my duffer and partake in the world. I can not walk as fast as my husband nor climb hills without huffing and the need of a walking staff. And many would say rightfully I need to exercise more so I can do more. I do agree to a point with their statements however I do not want to be so busy as not to be able to enjoy the small blessings the Lord showers us with so many of us miss because we are moving too fast to see them.

Remember to love lots, live life, laugh, enjoy the Lord’s blessings in everything we do even work. The Lord gives us strength to do what we must do to survive and take care of the needs of those we love.

Do not give time to hate for it destroys one’s self and corrode relationships around us. At times we must stop evil with violates because it leaves us with no other way to do it. But do not allow it to take over your life and how you view the world. Live as we should by sharing friendship and love instead of hate, distrust, greed and lust.


New Year

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As this year closes and the dawn of the new year is on the horizon may we all be thankful for the support, protection, and love the Lord has showered upon us as we look back on 2015. I know that sometimes it did not seem like He was even in the same universe because we were walking in a deep valley. However if you remember in Psalms 23 the verse: Yeah thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for Thou are with me. Thy rod and staff they comfort me. The Lord does not say that our lives will be peaches and cream. What He does say is that He will never leave us as we deal with what life throws at us. He is there to draw strength, endurance,  hope, mercy, compassion, and love from His mighty coffers. By allowing adversity into our lives our faith will either grow deeper in Him or we allow it to be choked out by the worries of the world.

As when Jesus walked the earth, Satan will throw everything he is allowed to, to get us to stumble and fall. We may stumble, we may fall, however the strength is there to pick ourselves back up and put on the armor of God to face the enemy as the Lord’s angels come along side us to help fight the battle.

As we enter 2016 may we remember to keep the joy of the Lord in our hearts, know that it is the Lord who is ultimately in control not Satan and those who wish us ill. May we share this knowledge, strength, love, and mercy with all those the Lord brings into our lives. Draw strength from reading the Bible, prayer, edifying from others as we edify them, draw love and mercy from the sacrifice of what Christ Jesus did to give us the gift of salvation so we can become one of God’s children. Remember the cross and the tomb is empty. Death has been paid. Rejoice in knowing God’s children will spend eternity in the glory of the Lord.

Christmas Menu

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This year I cut back on the menu to the old reliables.

grilled Turkey

smoked ham

mashed potatoes with gravy

sweet potato casserole

corn casserole

green bean casserole

glazed carrots

sausage dressing

pea salad

pistachio salad


deviled eggs, cream cheese celery, cranberry bread, lemon coconut bread

For dessert: two made from scratch pumpkin pies, pineapple pie, pecan pie and cheese cake.

We invited nineteen people with only ten confirming that they would be here for dinner.  Kind of wish they would make  firm commitment one way or the other. We got, we maybe will come it depends on what else going on. Oh well, that will leave more for left overs for next week.

I am thankful that the doctors were able to put a stent in my mother in-law’s artery. She is recuperating in the hospital. I am sadden that my fellow author Dan Amsden passed away late Sunday night. He was a very ornery fellow to those he considered a close friend. Needless to say Dan tormented me  unmercifully because he knew he could get a rise out of me. His wife Sandy scolded him once for doing it and he just smiled and told her that I knew he didn’t mean it. Next Tuesday night all of my fellow authors and their spouses will be having a celebration that we will honoring Dan’s life accomplishments at Chuck’s restaurant. Hopefully the finances will allow me to go.

May the Lord richly shower everyone with His mercy and love this Christmas. And may we all remember as we open all our present the greatest gift of all which is Christ Jesus.





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This year has gone way too fast for Thanksgiving Day is in three days. Everyone is scurrying to get last minute food items that they forgot so they do not have to try to find a store open on Thursday. As we worry about getting that Norman Rockwell picture perfect dinner please say a prayer of thanks for those who chose to serve Thanksgiving Day so that you can enjoy Thanksgiving with your family. I thank the Lord for police officers, fire fighters, EMTs, doctors, nurses, and military that put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. I thank the Lord for care givers at the nursing homes, utility workers that keep the streets clean and the sales clerk who pulls the midnight shift for those shoppers who just can not wait until normal shopping hours for that perfect toy they just got to have and is forgotten within a week after Christmas. I thank the volunteers who forgo their traditional dinner plans and serve the poor at the homeless shelter, those who gather warm clothes for those who has none. And Most of all, I thank the Lord Jesus Christ who paid the penalty for our sins which allows us to become children of  God through salvation in Christ.

Christian Indie Authors Mystery Group

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If you are looking for a great place to find mysteries the following link is where you want to go. http://cianetwork.blogspot.com/2015/11/christian-indie-authors-mystery-group.html

A Day in the Life of a Writer

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Hi, just an update on what I am doing. I have finished the re-edits on my second book in my series and started on the third re-edits. Soon I will have them all back up and will give a sale for buying all three at once. Woohoo, then on to finishing Will-0- the Wisp and fleshing out short story Window Pane into a novel whie trying to illustrate my five children stories. Then I need to find a way to publish them in hard back for around five dollars my cost so they won’t be over priced for families. Also still looking for a reader for my fantasy on ACX. No time for NaNo this year.