DeBois Series Review

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I received this review of my DeBois crime murder mystery series from one of my fans in Des Moines, Iowa.DeBois book set

I promised to write a review about the books I just read.
I just finished reading the five books of the DuBois series
By author Sue Raymond:
It’s a series that involves murder, crime, espionage, love,
Religion, family and mystery. You start with book one and it’s so good you can’t put it down and leaves you wanting more.
It’s also about different areas like, New York and Iowa and the sites around Iowa. I recommend these books to anyone who loves to read.


Invasion of the Soul Eater in Mim Book 3 of Charlie Kadabra by Author Nan McAdam

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Author Nan McAdam bring the mystical world of Mim to life in the third book of Charlie Kadabra. Nan weaves the reader into the story with the enchantment of her storytelling, transporting them into the latest conflict threating Mim and Charlie’s loved ones. The story holds the reader’s attention, making it nearly impossible to put down. I read the book in one setting. Needless to say nothing else got done during this time.

Friend’s Review of Lightning Crest

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My friend’s review of Jordyn Meryl’s novel ‘The Lightning Crest’ .

Connie Sharpnack Capehart
Just finished reading an awesome book from a local author.
Her name is Jordyn Meryl and the name of the book is
The Lightning Crest. Iam not sci fi fan but really enjoyed reading this.
It’s a sci-fi romance. It has love, science fiction and a bit of spiritual guidance. It’s about a woman saving our children from evil, hiding the children and the Cartel who wants to turn the children into listless humans and how she meets a cartel soldier and how they save families with love a spiritual guidance.

I believe you can find Jordyn on Facebook or get her book from Amazon and places in Des Moines. I have read 3 of her books she has wrote and each one in the own way will make you laugh, cry and beg for more of this author.

God’s Love and Forgiveness or Trying to be Good on Your Own

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Michelle Lynn Brown deals with something the world does not even blink an eye over anymore, premarital sex and the sin it is that separates a person from God’s love and forgiveness.

Renee Winters has lived under the shadow of her mother’s sinful life starting with her own conception. When her mother’s foster parents and friends turned their backs on Renee’s mother’s pregnancy, she turned from God to alcohol and prostitution to support herself and her baby, Renee. Now eighteen, Renee, struggles to keep herself pure and acceptable to God. The only person who does not have issues with her, is Ian McKnight. Ian has a reputation of being a ‘Bad’ boy. But he has never treated Renee with anything but respect in fact he calls her his beautiful angel.
After having been nearly sexually assaulted by one of her mother’s johns, Renee seeks comfort from the only one who can relate to what she is going through, Ian.
Only comfort turns to something they were not ready to handle. Ian realizes this as he watches Renee sleeping. Ian leaves, running away to army to prevent  him from witnessing the hatred he knew in his heart Renee would have when she woke and had time to allow things to sink in of what they had done. Renee awakes to find Ian gone and her mother’s words comes home to haunt her, that Renee was just like her and all men were after just one thing. Renee vows to God this will never happen again and she would never become her mother.
Eight years later, Renee is the worship leader, and leader of their Church group, ‘Brides for Christ’. In Renee’s eyes, she has kept her vow to God and is a good Christian woman living for God. However Christ uses her past to show Renee that she is trying to be a Christian on her own strength instead of surrendering all of her life and not just part of it for His forgiveness and healing by bringing Ian McKnight back into her life.
Now Renee must decide how to deal with the hidden sins of her past or continue to live in denial and the affection of a good Christian man, Elliot.

Veils and Vows (Reconciled and Redeemed Book 3) by [Brown, Michelle Lynn]

I Will Never Forget

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I won this book in a contest. Elaine C. Pereira writes about caring for her mother, ‘Betty’ Ward’s as she declined into the depths of  dementia. Elaine watched in disbelief as her mother went from a very intelligent woman who taught school to someone that could not do simple addition. This happened in Elaine’s eyes in about a year. Elaine, who works occupational therapy, admits that she wrote off some of the early warning signs as her mother was just too preoccupied with the things around her. This is a common thing that adult children do when dealing with their parents, no matter their educational background. Elaine takes you on a journey back and forth in her life as she tells of her life with her parents and the trauma life brought them. It is also a story of joy and love travelled. Some will find the time line a little hard to follow but if one remembers that when talking to someone about their life this is how it coms out, a memory here and a past memory there. Nothing is really given in a straight line except for fiction and this book definitely is not a work of fiction, I congratulate Elaine for having the courage to open her life and allow us a glimpse of the roll-a-coaster ride of dementia.

The Inner Super Hero in All of Us

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I received an advance readers copy of ‘Broken Nights’. The Davenport guys have done a terrific job of bring out the inner super hero in us all with their main male character Jason Night. The story is a fast moving story of a guy tired of the criminal element destroying the neighborhood in which he grew up. He hatched his well laid plan after his mother dies as a victim of a senseless robbery of their hobby store. He becomes the ‘Guardian’ of the night. All too soon his efforts entwines his brainy sister, Amy, and their friends in the fight against their unknown foe. This is a fight that Jason can not afford to lose. The stakes is their very lives and the one they love. The reader is drawn deep in the emotional conflict as they can identify with the despair and the need to right the wrong done to their love ones.

You can find Broken Nights at the following:

Thriller full of Intrigue

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I received this novel ‘Ghosts’ by Tess Mc Lennan in exchange for an honest review.

Tess McLennen did a wonderful job keeping the reader guessing as the story opens with the main character Imogene Fuller coming home to Miller Creek to her strained relationship with her mother from a three month photographic stint abroad. She pulls up and cannot believe her eyes. The house and yard is in total disrepair. She enters in the house to find her fifteen year old sister, Clementine, sitting in a pit. Her mother, Marella, has done a complete 180 degrees on her obsessives compulsive disorder of cleanliness.

Once  home, Imogene starts having nightmares about a cult with her mother active member. She wakes to find those terrors  coming trues starting with Marella’s mysterious visit two men. Then comes multitudes of strange soulless people walking down the street then disappearing. Imogene can feel the two strange beings watching her every move.

Marella turns up missing without a trace so Imogene now must put aside her life’s plans to care for Clementine. In spite of a nationwide search they cannot find their mother. Imogene takes a job at a supermarket deli to support Clementine and herself. She meets Henry Bishop and his pregnant sister, Aggie.

Imogene begins to think things are look up just before falling off the cliff into the abyss as Aggie is kidnapped by the religious cult. now they must infiltrate the cult to rescue Aggie before the cult she delivers the baby.

Tess throw in a great twist at the climax  of the story.