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Hi everyone. I treated my husband and myself to a day out with a new restaurant yesterday. If you know my husband you know when it comes to eating out he pretty much stays in a rut on where to go to have dinner.

After walking through the German fest we decided to go out for dinner. My husband’s suggestions Arby’s, Hardies, etc., get the picture? I retorted that he was in a rut and we should try something new. He gave me that look of what have you got up your sleeve now? My answer was let’s try that dumpling restaurant over in East Village.

Since I couldn’t quite remember the name or the exact address we spend about ten minutes driving around East Village looking for the restaurant. We pulled over to try and google it on his phone. Low and behold I find out he deleted his WIFI connection on his phone so there we sat as I tried to remember where it was located and he sat behind the wheel wanting desperately to go to a fast food joint. I finally remember it should be around 3rd or 4th Street in between Walnut and Court. As we buzzed by 3rd I saw Molly’s Cupcakes and a sign on the building across the street from it. I had him drive around the block so we could investigate. He of course tried to turn the other way on 3rd but we finally arrived at our destination, Dumpling Darling, 212 East 3rd Street, Des Moines, Iowa. We got there around two pm. which turns out to be a good time because the dinner crowd is gone and there was only one other couple having dinner. Yes I am from the old school of the mid-day meal is called dinner not lunch and the evening meal is supper.

I ordered the Lesley’s lamb steamed dumplings and my husband ordered the potato perogies with bacon. The soft drinks are from Tractor Beverage company so no Pepsi or Coke produces served here.

Photo of Dumpling Darling - Des Moines, IA, United States. Lamb dumplings, too sweet but decent

Photo of Dumpling Darling - Des Moines, IA, United States. Fried Potato pierogies

They served the meal under ten minutes. The food was delicious and I wished that we had more people in our group so we could have ordered the Mega Flight which is four of each of the steamed and fried dumplings they serve, forty dumplings in all so I could try a variety of dumplings.

So if you want to try Dumpling Darling I would suggest going in the off hours like we did so you don’t have the crowd to deal with. I give it four out of five stars.


Photo of Dumpling Darling - Des Moines, IA, United States. Front of the menu for Dumpling Darling


Great Read for YA Through Adults

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I liked this series. It is base on the 6000 year old  apocalyptic story of good vs evil.  It starts out with a run on sentence lasting a full paragraph describing the Second Death. The Second Death is a dimension made by the Creator for the Fallen, those who rebelled against the order of the Cosmos.

Jessie Hailey, a sixteen old with an alcoholic mother, hears a voice offering her a way out of her abusive live and power so she would be no one victim any longer. She starts out on a journey to release three Fallen or as the world calls them demons to help her release Nalsuu, Father of Darkness and Chaos. He has chosen her to be his queen.

Those who would stop her are the Watchers, half-breeds, descendants of the joining between the Fallen and humans. They will be lead by the Chosen One to stop this apocalyptic from happening.

It is a story that moves back and forth in time telling the intertwining of the lives of the characters. You can follow the story line easily. It keeps you involved throughout the story coming to a drastic climax with an opening to continue the story.

I give it four stars.

The Second Death Supernatural Thriller Series: Books 1-3 and Prequel Novella (The Second Death Supernatural Thriller Series Box Sets) Kindle Edition.




Mixed Starred Review

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My stars on the review of Lucifer’s Star is a mixed one. The story is the after mass of Commonwealth vs Archduchy of Crius.

We find the main protagonist Cassius Mass Plantagenet living under the assumed name of Marcus Grav, navigator on the spaceship, Melampus. Marcus is hiding from his past. The Commonwealth branded him a war criminal with a price on his head while to the Archduchy of Crius, he is a war hero, the recipient of the Lucifer Star. Cassius is not the normal hero. His father had Cassius cloned from his DNA then enhanced Cassius with military grade cybernetics along with a cybernetic brain to go with it.

Because of these enhancements he is considered a low second class human by the Commonwealth, the Butcher of Kolthas, the Fire Count, and not considered much better by the Royalty of Crius.

How can Cassius survive his past? Who can he trust, his shipmates, Captain Ida Claire who is a Watcher, The Commonwealth, or Crius Reborn Movement? Each has their own agenda of getting their hands on Cassius.

On the story line, I give a resounding five stars. The authors did a great job weaving several different Sci-Fi concepts together drawing the reader into the story. On certain content of the story line because of my own preference, I give a solid three. If  the reader does not like the “F” bomb and certain life styles Lucifer Star is not for them. SO when you combine the stars and average it out the overall rating is a four star novel.

You can find Lucifer Star at the following:



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A Five Star Review!

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I just received a five star review from a fan. I want to thank all my fans and really appreciate the time they take to give me reviews on my novels.

Customer Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
Entertaining Moonlighting-esque relationship
By C.T. Top Contributor: Star Trekon July 21, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition
Verified Purchase
A great collection of mysteries built around solid characters. Sue Raymond weaves a nice set of adventures around Su Michael Anderson and Jean DeBois. They have a delightful antagonist relationship where Su doesn’t have room for romance in her life with business and her adopted children– let alone becoming a witness. Watching him try to deal with her is always entertaining and the attitude she gives him is quite fun. This is a good bargain and enjoyable book trilogy throughout.
Product Details

DeBois Crime Murder Mystery Box Set: Volumes 1-3 (DeBois Crime Murder Mystery Series)
by Sue Raymond
5.0 out of 5 stars
5.0 out of 5 stars
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One of these days I’m going to be able to feature the exact page without trouble. LOL!

Satan’s Salesman

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Satan's Salesman by [Davenport, Matthew]

Matthew Davenport’s newest novel ‘Satan’s Salesman’ main character, Shane Lowe, is the top sales person of Computer Information Technology. He  always made over his sales quota. He keeps an engagement ring in the glove box of his Sebring waiting for the right time to propose.

Shane believes his ship has come in when Sara Durant, the Global Account Manager loses her job because of poor sales performance.  He is told that the position is his for the taking. He tells his girlfriend, Margaret ‘Maggie’ Powers and Dale Lawson, his best friend the good news. His ecstatic enjoyment is stalled when he has a confrontation with Sara Durant where she tells him she has a backup plan and is sorry. When Shane says she has nothing to be sorry her answer is ‘Yet’ with a ominous undertone.

The next day after Shane accepts the position he finds his stuff packed up in boxes outside his new office and Sara sitting in his chair. Shane storms in to find Sara gloating one minute and crying the next. Her backup plan has come in effect. She gives Shane a business card stating for him to call it, they grant wishes. On the card reads only Perdition Investments along with a phone number.

Shane is not one for phone calls when it comes to an initial meeting. He does a reverse search on the phone number and comes up with the address. Shane arrives at the address to find only an field filled with tall grass. Among the grass was a lone fence post with a carved wooden sign with Perdition Investments burnt in it nailed to it. Shane searches the horizon for any sign that the company ever existed besides the sign.

He turns back to his car to find a strange woman leaning against the Sebring. It turns out to be Sherri Webster, the Sales Manager at Perdition Investments. She seemed to magically appear out of nothing. Shane wants Perdition Investments to reverse Sara’s wish however, Sherri offers something better, a new job with limitless possibilities, the only catch is, it cost your soul. You can earn it back by saleing the same deal to others.

Matthew Davenport does a great job of weaving thrill and suspense throughout the story. It reminds me of a mixture of the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits. I give it a four and a half stars, minus a half a star for language.

Agent G: Infiltrator, Agent G: Saboteur

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Agent G: Infiltrator by [Phipps, C. T.]

Agent G: Saboteur by [Phipps, C. T.]

Here is the newest set of books I read by C.T. Phipps.  In book one, we find agent G sitting in a Mercedes Benz S-Klasse scoping out his next assassination assignment by his employer ‘International Refugee Society’. This International Refugee Society is a Black Opt business working in the shadows controlling the movers and shakers in the world governments. They recruit their agents and to make the agent the best they stripe the agent not only of their memories they take all emotions away as well. Then the company enhance the agent with IRD implant in the brain and other enhancements like quick healing and faster reflexes. Lastly the company takes their names replacing it with only a letter.

The company gives each agent an assistant to help control and complete the assignments. Agent G’s assistant is Marissa Sanchez, a recruited computer hacker from the Banio Maya or Los Mayans, the Mexican-American gang. G’s new assignment is to assassinate the head of rival ‘business’ the Carnevale in Italy, Caesar Lucio Biondi and his daughter, Lucita then rescue Dr. Marcus Gordon, lead researcher at Karma Corp Special Project Division. Dr. Gordon is the creator of ‘Black Technology’. Agent G is informed there is a mole in the company. He and his assistant is plunged into the unknown of who to trust.

In book two, ‘G’ is back  and things are in an up roar. ‘F’ was a mole then ‘G’ finds out his assistant is also a traitor. Can he rely on her and agent ‘S’ his undercover wife to unravel the mystery of the company or is he destined to fail on his newest assignment. ‘G’ is in a quandary of finding out his past, what he truly is, completing his assignment for the company and having a A.I. Super computer stored in his brain so it can escape the company into the world-wide web.

C.T. Phipps blends James Bond, The Six-Million Dollar man, Bladerunner, Cyborg, The Sixth Day, Mission Impossible, and Total Recall into a fast Sci-fi action pack adventure.

New Review of My Audio Novel ‘Healer of Surflex’

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ACX Healer book cover

I just received a five star review from Matthew Davenport. You can see it on and Matthew’s blog You can find the audio version of ‘Healer of Surflex’

Matthew’s review:

While Healer of Surflex isn’t my usual read, the pleasurable voice of Kelly Montijo Fink made the audio a fun time. Healer of Surflex is hard fantasy, with a story rooted in a world of magic and warring factions of good and evil. Most of the populace isn’t aware of the battle for their very souls, but it’s happening.
Having not read a lot of fantasy, I have read some, and what makes Lady Laindora’s book unique is that I’ve never seen a fantasy book that incorporates Christian beliefs into a fantasy realm. Doing so makes this more like an Arthurian legend, minus Arthur.
The book follows Kerlia as she’s selected, birthed, and trained by an angel and the warriors for good to be a healer in the upcoming battle with this book’s version of Satan, Kernel. Kernel has control over a large portion of the Kingdom of Surflex, and the book is filled with people being possessed or warped and twisted by their beliefs and support of Kernel. Honestly, in the first chunk of the book, the way that some of these people get twisted and filled with such dark evil makes it look like a contagion of belief, and solidifies how Kernel must have taken hold.
Lady Laindora’s strengths are in her ability to show and not tell. The protagonist, Kerlia, is mute and a lot of the book is explaining how she interprets the world and how she communicates without dialogue (and sometimes with, when she is part of the fairy realm). There are character descriptions that become part of the story’s narrative, and locations that are described the same way. She does a great job of describing things without you realizing that she’s describing them.
Healer of Surflex, and a lot of it’s aspects, remind me much of The Sword of Truth series, by Terry Brooks. The fairies and pixies that train her even reminding me of Zed the old wizard. They are funny but with purpose. At the same time, the style of the fight against evil gave me a feeling of Eragon with less dragons. Finally, there’s angels, God as we know him, and others aspects of this book that have a strong Christianity bend.
This is epic/battle fantasy with a theme, and it is done very well.