Marie Lavender’s interview with Author Sue Raymond

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 Here is the interview between Marie Lavender and myself. Please visit Marie’s blog and share it with everyone. Also check out her interview with Kerlia from my novel ‘Healer of Surflex’.


Marie Lavender’s interview with Kerlia From Healer of Surflex

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Come and enjoy the interview with Kerlia as she takes time out from sparing  with Teariff to visit with Marie.

Book Launching for Blizzard Terror

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The fifth book in the DeBois Series is done and I am looking for a cover for it then I will publish it.

In Blizzard Terror, the blizzard has buried the forest in a thick blanket of snow hampering Jean and James in their attempt to rescue Su before the storm claims her and her unborn children’s lives. They are not the only one tracking her. A maimed mountain lion has caught Su’s scent and now it is a race to see who finds her first. Jean also has to content with a terrorist tracking him to rack revenge for Jean destroying the terrorist cell. Who will win, Jean, the terrorist, the mountain lion or the blizzard?

Blizzard Terror is slotted to be released at the end of February 2015. Stay tune for more updates.

New Year 2015

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At midnight tonight all through the world people will be celebrating the coming of the New Year. As we celebrate and give our New Year’s resolutions may we remember to make a resolution of true meaning. If everyone vowed to give someone a need without expecting something in return each day they would soon see a difference in things around them. Good works and smiles are contagious. There would be less heartache, less hostility, less need, less hunger, less death, less treachery, more smiles, more mercy, more real friends, more productivity, more caring, more love, more sharing, more respect, and more smiles. Remember you do not have to save the world, just start with you micro corner and allow your actions to grow in the hearts of others.

Preparing for Christmas Dinner

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My house is beginning to fill with mouth watering aromas as we quickly approach Christmas count down. Today’s accomplishment was making Kolaches and dip the bonbons in chocolate coating. I was hoping to get a couple more items made, however, my wrist decided it had enough and started throbbing. This gave me some time to ponder on just how great of blessings the Lord has showered on my family. I am guilty of becoming so busy that I tend to forget just how much love He has shown us. He made it possible for us to have our home, watched over those who were ill and held my aunt’s family so close when my cousin was murdered. I know it does not seem like He is there in the admits of tragedy but that is when He is holding us the closest. He never said that there would not be despair. He said yea thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for Thou are with me. Thy rod and staff comfort me. During this Christmas remember no matter what you are going though The Lord is with you. Just turn to Him for support and share His Love with those who the Lord brings into your life.