Book Signing

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Author Sue Raymond will be in Bethany, Mo. this Saturday the 13th for the Christmas Bazaar  signing books. Don’t miss this opportunity to buy her latest novels ‘Healer of Surflex’ and ‘Resin La Rock’ for your reading library. You never know when Lady Laindora may show up. Sue’s newest novel ‘Blizzard Terror’ in the DeBois crime murder mystery saga is slated for a book launching in February 2015. Buy directly from Sue to save on postage and handling. You can view her novels at . You can keep track of their events on twitter at


True Thanksgiving

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Well another  Thanksgiving Day has come and gone and with it for most Americans, the  thankfulness we flipped spouted yesterday. Today was all about pushing and shoving people out of the way so we can buy that special gift, maxing out our credit cards for the spoiled brat that forgets about the gift five minutes after opening it. And then we wonder why we did it and vow not to do it again next year. We shutter at the News broadcast of someone being hurt during the Black Friday rush. The retailers named it Black Friday to reflect that they finally go in the black for the year. Black is correct for that is a reflection of our hearts and soul as we tear that last toy from another person’s hand. If we truly wanted to change we would start with our self. Remember way back when our children would give us homemade coupon books good for a extra chore or spending  time with you. Why not give they one back. Coupons for reading out loud to them, making cookies with them, taking them to a homeless shelter to serve a meal, make lap quilts for the retirement homes and take them to the home and giving them out with hugs, making small personal care boxes for the disabled vets and those deployed overseas, etc. Children learn from watching their parents. You want a child to care about those around them and make the correct choices then show them by your actions. We are responsible for teaching them the correct way to live and not to blame others when they do something wrong and the consequences of those actions. Remember we are not promise even the next day. Live each day in love showering blessings on others by our own actions. Stand up and be counted and do not be found wanting. Even the poorest American  has been given blessings, and they are willing to share what little they have with someone that has less that them, make sure you give blessings not hate to those the Lord brings into your life.

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Please vote for you favorite Author’s book published in 2014 at

When the Lie Won’t Go Away

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When the Lie Won’t Go Away. This is a great inspirational piece.

Here is my interview with Sue Raymond

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My interview by Fiona Mcvie from England.



Name: Sue Raymond

Age: as I always tell my grandchildren: more ancient than dirt. Well maybe not quite that old.

Where are you from: State: Iowa Country: USA. For those not that good in Geography, Iowa is almost in the center of the United States along the Mississippi River.

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc : I am the second oldest in a family of seven. I have a background in Commercial Art. I’m married have two grown sons and five grandchildren.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

My writer’s group is checking in on having a PR agent. Fiona: When and why did you begin writing? I started writing for earnest once my sons were grown and had two of our grandchildren under our belt. (meaning: our eldest son had two grandchildren). Fiona: When did you first consider yourself a writer? I consider it…

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