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Hi everyone. I treated my husband and myself to a day out with a new restaurant yesterday. If you know my husband you know when it comes to eating out he pretty much stays in a rut on where to go to have dinner.

After walking through the German fest we decided to go out for dinner. My husband’s suggestions Arby’s, Hardies, etc., get the picture? I retorted that he was in a rut and we should try something new. He gave me that look of what have you got up your sleeve now? My answer was let’s try that dumpling restaurant over in East Village.

Since I couldn’t quite remember the name or the exact address we spend about ten minutes driving around East Village looking for the restaurant. We pulled over to try and google it on his phone. Low and behold I find out he deleted his WIFI connection on his phone so there we sat as I tried to remember where it was located and he sat behind the wheel wanting desperately to go to a fast food joint. I finally remember it should be around 3rd or 4th Street in between Walnut and Court. As we buzzed by 3rd I saw Molly’s Cupcakes and a sign on the building across the street from it. I had him drive around the block so we could investigate. He of course tried to turn the other way on 3rd but we finally arrived at our destination, Dumpling Darling, 212 East 3rd Street, Des Moines, Iowa. We got there around two pm. which turns out to be a good time because the dinner crowd is gone and there was only one other couple having dinner. Yes I am from the old school of the mid-day meal is called dinner not lunch and the evening meal is supper.

I ordered the Lesley’s lamb steamed dumplings and my husband ordered the potato perogies with bacon. The soft drinks are from Tractor Beverage company so no Pepsi or Coke produces served here.

Photo of Dumpling Darling - Des Moines, IA, United States. Lamb dumplings, too sweet but decent

Photo of Dumpling Darling - Des Moines, IA, United States. Fried Potato pierogies

They served the meal under ten minutes. The food was delicious and I wished that we had more people in our group so we could have ordered the Mega Flight which is four of each of the steamed and fried dumplings they serve, forty dumplings in all so I could try a variety of dumplings.

So if you want to try Dumpling Darling I would suggest going in the off hours like we did so you don’t have the crowd to deal with. I give it four out of five stars.


Photo of Dumpling Darling - Des Moines, IA, United States. Front of the menu for Dumpling Darling

Iowa Author Fest Presents Music and Food

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Here is the extra goodies that will be at the Iowa Author Fest this year, music, food and wine.

Josh Sinclair (formerly of Little Mojo & Hollywood Burnout).  Some of Josh’s past credits include multiple song placements in film & television, various national tours, as well as signing 3 different record deals including a developmental deal with Universal Motown.

Again our stomachs are grateful to have Ott’s Asian Cuisine of Polk City serving their wonderful Asian food during Iowa Author Fest.United Nations Catering Tarell Wilson has joined us.

Jasper Winery will have a cash bar for your enjoyment.