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My stars on the review of Lucifer’s Star is a mixed one. The story is the after mass of Commonwealth vs Archduchy of Crius.

We find the main protagonist Cassius Mass Plantagenet living under the assumed name of Marcus Grav, navigator on the spaceship, Melampus. Marcus is hiding from his past. The Commonwealth branded him a war criminal with a price on his head while to the Archduchy of Crius, he is a war hero, the recipient of the Lucifer Star. Cassius is not the normal hero. His father had Cassius cloned from his DNA then enhanced Cassius with military grade cybernetics along with a cybernetic brain to go with it.

Because of these enhancements he is considered a low second class human by the Commonwealth, the Butcher of Kolthas, the Fire Count, and not considered much better by the Royalty of Crius.

How can Cassius survive his past? Who can he trust, his shipmates, Captain Ida Claire who is a Watcher, The Commonwealth, or Crius Reborn Movement? Each has their own agenda of getting their hands on Cassius.

On the story line, I give a resounding five stars. The authors did a great job weaving several different Sci-Fi concepts together drawing the reader into the story. On certain content of the story line because of my own preference, I give a solid three. If  the reader does not like the “F” bomb and certain life styles Lucifer Star is not for them. SO when you combine the stars and average it out the overall rating is a four star novel.

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Agent G: Infiltrator, Agent G: Saboteur

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Agent G: Infiltrator by [Phipps, C. T.]

Agent G: Saboteur by [Phipps, C. T.]

Here is the newest set of books I read by C.T. Phipps.  In book one, we find agent G sitting in a Mercedes Benz S-Klasse scoping out his next assassination assignment by his employer ‘International Refugee Society’. This International Refugee Society is a Black Opt business working in the shadows controlling the movers and shakers in the world governments. They recruit their agents and to make the agent the best they stripe the agent not only of their memories they take all emotions away as well. Then the company enhance the agent with IRD implant in the brain and other enhancements like quick healing and faster reflexes. Lastly the company takes their names replacing it with only a letter.

The company gives each agent an assistant to help control and complete the assignments. Agent G’s assistant is Marissa Sanchez, a recruited computer hacker from the Banio Maya or Los Mayans, the Mexican-American gang. G’s new assignment is to assassinate the head of rival ‘business’ the Carnevale in Italy, Caesar Lucio Biondi and his daughter, Lucita then rescue Dr. Marcus Gordon, lead researcher at Karma Corp Special Project Division. Dr. Gordon is the creator of ‘Black Technology’. Agent G is informed there is a mole in the company. He and his assistant is plunged into the unknown of who to trust.

In book two, ‘G’ is back  and things are in an up roar. ‘F’ was a mole then ‘G’ finds out his assistant is also a traitor. Can he rely on her and agent ‘S’ his undercover wife to unravel the mystery of the company or is he destined to fail on his newest assignment. ‘G’ is in a quandary of finding out his past, what he truly is, completing his assignment for the company and having a A.I. Super computer stored in his brain so it can escape the company into the world-wide web.

C.T. Phipps blends James Bond, The Six-Million Dollar man, Bladerunner, Cyborg, The Sixth Day, Mission Impossible, and Total Recall into a fast Sci-fi action pack adventure.