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Great Review for The DeBois Series Books 1 thru 3

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DeBois-Book-Box-set-ConvertImage Sue Raymond is a local author from Des Moines, Iowa and she has wrote a series of books that I have really enjoyed. It’s the DeBois series. Total 5 books in all and I have read the first 3. It’s a story about a U.S. Marshall and a woman and her children he is protecting for her witnessing a murder. A fake marriage is arranged and the woman and her children are moved to Iowa from New York. She has some health issues, sleep walking issues, memory issues. Her children does not like Mr. DeBois and do everything in their power to make him leave and let them go back to New York.
The case takes many turns. I would recommend this for a good read.

Review by Connie Sharpnack Capehart


DeBois Series Pubslush

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Third Game:
Answer these questions:
1. What was Jean thinking about when he got a lap full of urine from Scott’s overflowing diaper?
2.Who was Su’s best childhood friend?
3.Where did Jean’s parents meet?
4.Where is Safe Haven located?
5. What was Scott’s new pet that sent dread up Jean’s spine?

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Marshal Jean DeBois must protect Su Anderson when she witnesses a brutal murder. Jean discovers his past and Su’s are entwined, complicating his mission of protection even further.