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Apocalyptic Nightmare

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This is the second novel I read written by Author Ricki Dragoni. Author Ricki Dragoni spins a intriguing nightmare with his novel ‘The Swift’.

The main protagonist, Coach Mike wakes up August 8, 2022 to find nothing working, no electronics period. Nothing from a flashlight to any utilities working in town. The word of mouth information has it that the military will be evacuating the town of Storm Lake by sundown. The military arrives in antiquated vehicles not seen since the Vietnam War.

The first thing the military does is throw up a barb wire fence around the town. Then the evacuation starts. The military separates the town’s people into two groups, one group to green transport trucks and the other into a fenced in pen. Then they are gone with no explanation on what happened, leaving them in the pen.

After escaping the pen, those who are left decides to travel to the military base at Fort Dodge to find their families and answers. They must travel at night because the sunlight now burns their eyes. All process food is contaminated. The only things palpable is water, alcohol, and fresh meat. The trip is taking a toll on them, they are wasting away. In between them and their objective is the Swift. The Swift appeared shortly after they start the trip. The Swift is a group of vicious, brutal, creatures that are lightening fast with hands of sharp claws. Some can breathe fire. You shutter when you hear their high pitch screams knowing death is close at hand.

The story will draw you into the adventure and terror as Coach Mike strives to be united with those he loves. The ending is a fantastic twist to the story. No spoilers here. You have to read the novel to find out what Coach Mike finds out what actually happened to them.

The Swift by [Dragoni, Ricky]

You can find out more about Ricki Dragoni at the following links: https://book2read.com/r/B-A-HRGE-CYES https://www.rickidragoni.com https://facebook.com/ricki.jimenez.564

You can find out more about Ricki Dragoni at the following links: https://book2read.com/r/B-A-HRGE-CYES



Can there be True Justice, Review of ‘The Reform Artists’

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Have you ever wondered if all the reported domestic abuse case that get a emergency temporary restraining order are actually true? Jon Reifeld explores the other side of the issue of what if the woman uses the Ex-Parte proceeding to take her husband to the cleaner. As in real life, someone accused of domestic abuse is in the eyes of the legal system and the public guilty until they can IF they can prove their innocence in civil court. Martin Silkwood comes home from a business trip to find his wife and children gone and all too soon police are knocking on his front door with a Ex-parte proceeding papers demanding he leave his home within fifteen minutes. Martin is devastated and all too soon learns the ramifications of the allegations against him, not knowing where to turn to get the help straighten things out so he can once more see his children who he adores. His wife, Katie, has planned this for months laying down a trail of lies to backup her allegations of domestic abuse including making police reports when Martin is out of town so the police cannot question Martin. Martin’s business partners want him to settle it telling him not to sign a Consent Decree so it does not damage the business reputation or else! His lawyer seems inept to handle the case levied against Martin. Now Martin’s only chance to clear himself of the charges levied against him is to trust a covert group that approach him and tell him they help level the playing field in these cases.
Unfortunately in today’s society there is a need for emergency temporary restraining orders to try to protect the helpless against violence. But in doing so sometimes the innocent’s rights is plowed under so some can be politically correct. This story explores that avenue.
Jon Reisfeld does an excellent job of keeping the reader engaged in the story to the last page.