National Book Lovers Day

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Today is national book lovers day. So what better way to honor it than to run not walk to your nearest book store or online book store and buy all your favorite author’s books. Without authors’ imagination and determination this world would be a very dull place. For those who say I don’t read, I feel so sorry that you miss out of the experience of exploring dark exotic lands, or the inner parts of the atom, or the wisdom of the ages, or even the newest recipe you want to taste. For those who say I only watch TV or such, without authors who are writers there would be no scripts for you favorite show.  There are also audio book for people on the run. Expand your mind. Open a book and share it with children to help their minds develop and experience closeness in taking the time out of your busy schedule to share love.  is a great place to start your reading experience.



Politically Correct, No Way

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I just heard a politically correct advertisement on TV that made me angry. It was not for the environment, standing up against bullying, caring about the starving animals, feed the children, or saving the whales. It was upbeat, pleasing to the eyes, good to eat, they even used a comedian as their spokesman.

“What?” You say,  “Why would you be upset by that?”

The comedian was saying no matter whether you cook or not have a Happy Friendsgiving. Really? Happy Friendsgiving? Apparently, stating Have a Happy Thanksgiving is no loner the correct thing to say. Apparently, being thankful for what the Lord allowed us to have is also taboo. Things like family, our health, even the very air we breathe, should be given praise to friends who had nothing to do with it.

We used to be THANKFUL for friends we have, the people who loves us, the job we have so we can put food on the table and the roof over our heads, for the freedom we have that was fought for by our ancestors, THANKFUL FOR THE GREATEST GIFT given to us, The Lord’s mercy and love.

From Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays, now from Happy Thanksgiving to Happy Friendsgiving. And people wonder why the USA is in the horrible shape it is today? Why people are so selfish? Why people no longer care?

Could it be that they are bombarded with reasoning being self-center, thoughts of what’s in it for me?, thoughts of if it doesn’t profit me I’m not doing it, thoughts of I am the most important person, other people do not matter, my feelings before all others.

I say let’s stand up against this invasion of our freedom of expression. Stand up proudly with me and greet everyone the Lord sends across our path with a very “Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas”. Stand up and be politically incorrect.




I Will Never Forget

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I won this book in a contest. Elaine C. Pereira writes about caring for her mother, ‘Betty’ Ward’s as she declined into the depths of  dementia. Elaine watched in disbelief as her mother went from a very intelligent woman who taught school to someone that could not do simple addition. This happened in Elaine’s eyes in about a year. Elaine, who works occupational therapy, admits that she wrote off some of the early warning signs as her mother was just too preoccupied with the things around her. This is a common thing that adult children do when dealing with their parents, no matter their educational background. Elaine takes you on a journey back and forth in her life as she tells of her life with her parents and the trauma life brought them. It is also a story of joy and love travelled. Some will find the time line a little hard to follow but if one remembers that when talking to someone about their life this is how it coms out, a memory here and a past memory there. Nothing is really given in a straight line except for fiction and this book definitely is not a work of fiction, I congratulate Elaine for having the courage to open her life and allow us a glimpse of the roll-a-coaster ride of dementia.

New Year

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As this year closes and the dawn of the new year is on the horizon may we all be thankful for the support, protection, and love the Lord has showered upon us as we look back on 2015. I know that sometimes it did not seem like He was even in the same universe because we were walking in a deep valley. However if you remember in Psalms 23 the verse: Yeah thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for Thou are with me. Thy rod and staff they comfort me. The Lord does not say that our lives will be peaches and cream. What He does say is that He will never leave us as we deal with what life throws at us. He is there to draw strength, endurance,  hope, mercy, compassion, and love from His mighty coffers. By allowing adversity into our lives our faith will either grow deeper in Him or we allow it to be choked out by the worries of the world.

As when Jesus walked the earth, Satan will throw everything he is allowed to, to get us to stumble and fall. We may stumble, we may fall, however the strength is there to pick ourselves back up and put on the armor of God to face the enemy as the Lord’s angels come along side us to help fight the battle.

As we enter 2016 may we remember to keep the joy of the Lord in our hearts, know that it is the Lord who is ultimately in control not Satan and those who wish us ill. May we share this knowledge, strength, love, and mercy with all those the Lord brings into our lives. Draw strength from reading the Bible, prayer, edifying from others as we edify them, draw love and mercy from the sacrifice of what Christ Jesus did to give us the gift of salvation so we can become one of God’s children. Remember the cross and the tomb is empty. Death has been paid. Rejoice in knowing God’s children will spend eternity in the glory of the Lord.