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Everyone Come and Join in on the Fun for

Iowa’s Original Writers Anthology 2015 LAUNCH

Matthew Davenport

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Date: December 09, 2015    04:45PM — December 24, 2015    03:45PM
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Venue:, IA, US
Type: author appearance
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It’s been an exciting year.

During our first year at Davenport Writes, we met with a lot of local Iowa authors. Each of them had a fairly simple dream:
They want you to read their stories.

And that’s essentially how our annual anthology was born. We’ve been collecting stories, editing, and working on cover art for most of the year (the idea began in May!) and now the culmination of that work is easy for you to pick up.

It’s available everywhere.

When you’re ready to meet some new authors, or visit with some old favorites, this new anthology is your doorway into their life.

It’s Iowa’s Original Writers Anthology. It’s I.O.W.A.
By purchasing this book, you’re directly helping Local Iowa Authors increase their visibility and reach their dreams. Thank you for your support.