Valentine Gift Favorites

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Cuddle up with something you really love this Valentine’s Day! BOOKS. This Valentine’s Day celebrate the way you’re supposed to: With a great book!

She Promised Her Heart

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I bought Kathryn’s book at the Midwest Book Lovers Unite Convention at Mall of America. Kathryn Daugherty did a wonderful job weaving the past love story with the present as she has two of her main characters meet in line at the airport. An act of charity of Jillian’s opened her and her family’s life to a whirlwind roll coaster ride as Dr. Isabelle Kelly accepts Jillian’s gift of a first class ticket to Omaha. Jillian’s father, Hamilton, was a air force captain during the Viet Nam War and refuses to speak about his time there as a POW or his first and only true love. Now Dr. Kelly arrives on the scene and Hamilton’s safe world he built for himself is torn apart exposing the horror and heart ache he endured during that time.