National Book Lovers Day

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Today is national book lovers day. So what better way to honor it than to run not walk to your nearest book store or online book store and buy all your favorite author’s books. Without authors’ imagination and determination this world would be a very dull place. For those who say I don’t read, I feel so sorry that you miss out of the experience of exploring dark exotic lands, or the inner parts of the atom, or the wisdom of the ages, or even the newest recipe you want to taste. For those who say I only watch TV or such, without authors who are writers there would be no scripts for you favorite show.  There are also audio book for people on the run. Expand your mind. Open a book and share it with children to help their minds develop and experience closeness in taking the time out of your busy schedule to share love.

amzn.to/1u92UUj  is a great place to start your reading experience.



A Day in the Life of a Writer

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Hi, just an update on what I am doing. I have finished the re-edits on my second book in my series and started on the third re-edits. Soon I will have them all back up and will give a sale for buying all three at once. Woohoo, then on to finishing Will-0- the Wisp and fleshing out short story Window Pane into a novel whie trying to illustrate my five children stories. Then I need to find a way to publish them in hard back for around five dollars my cost so they won’t be over priced for families. Also still looking for a reader for my fantasy on ACX. No time for NaNo this year.